The Christmas Story

    “The Christmas Story,” Friend, Dec. 1999, 18

    The Christmas Story

    For unto us a child [Jesus Christ] is born (Isa. 9:6).


    Remove pages 18–19 from the magazine and mount them on lightweight cardboard. Cut out the picture strips along the heavy lines and glue them in numbered order. Cut out the manger scene and cut two slits inside along the broken lines. With the manger facing you, push the strip from the back through the right slit of the frame and back out through the left slit. As a parent or older sister or brother reads the verses of scripture, you can show each picture. (See Luke 1:26–31; Luke 2:1–20; Matt. 2:1–12.) Or you can tell the story of Jesus Christ’s birth by looking at the pictures and telling the story in your own words.

    Paper cut outs

    Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh