Childviews—Your Pioneer Art: Remembering Switzerland

    “Childviews—Your Pioneer Art: Remembering Switzerland,” Friend, Mar. 1997, 19

    Your Pioneer Art:
    Remembering Switzerland

    This is a picture of my great-great-great-great-grandpa Hans Henry Hoffman. He was born in Maur, Zurich, Switzerland, on Christmas Day in 1815. In 1876, he and his wife joined the Church and made the trip to Utah. They were asked to help settle Randolph Valley in northern Utah. He went to Sage Creek, about eight miles north of the present town of Randolph, Utah. When he got there, he sat down on his bags and cried, remembering the beautiful Swiss land he had left to come to a place full of sagebrush. The land where he settled and built a house is still in the family. It is now known as Sage Creek Ranch, and I help my dad and grandpa work there. I love going there, and I’m so glad that a long time ago my fourth-great-grandpa chose to come here and live the gospel. He was a man of great faith and determination.

    Child art

    Illustrated by Cameron K. Hoffman