Homonym Puzzle
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“Homonym Puzzle,” Friend, Oct. 1996, 26

Homonym Puzzle

Homonyms are words that sound alike but have different meanings, such as bear and bare, or waste and waist.

Fill in the blanks of each of the following sentences with homonyms.

Example: The doctor said that the cut on his heel would heal soon. Look easy? Then try these.

  1. The ______ reason I went there was to see the horse with the flowing ______.

  2. The pigeon-______ ______ ______ the lily pad to shore.

  3. Tom ______ down the ______ in a car, while I ______ a boat across the river.

  4. It’s hard to ______ an apple or a ______ with a ______ of scissors.

  5. Do ______ see the ______ and her lambs standing by the ______ tree?

  6. We should ______ down the ______ way to hold the ceremonial ______.

  7. I wondered if you ______ they had moved the ______ in the zoo to a ______ place.


  • (1) main, mane, (2) toed, toad, towed, (3) rode, road, rowed, (4) pare, pear, pair, (5) you, ewe, yew, (6) write, right, rite, (7) knew, gnu, new.