Matt and Mandy

“Matt and Mandy,” Friend, Feb. 1996, 42

Matt and Mandy

Matt and Mandy

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

  1. These clothes are sure dirty!

    You should know, my dear. You wore them.

  2. Will they ever get clean?

    According to the TV commercial, they’ll soon be “snowy white” and “rainbow bright.”

  3. Daddy said in family home evening last night that people need to repent to get clean. Is doing the wash like repenting?

    Yes, in a way. When we’re baptized, our sins are washed away, and then we stay clean by repenting each time we make a mistake.

  4. But all the repenting in the world wouldn’t make us clean without another very special ingredient.

    What’s that, Mom?

  5. The Atonement. Jesus paid the price for our sins so that we could repent and be forgiven. Without Him, our spirits would just have to stay dirty.

  6. Later …

    Thanks, Mom. I’ll try my best to keep it clean this time, but I might goof up.

    I know.