Billy’s Valentine Surprise

“Billy’s Valentine Surprise,” Friend, Feb. 1996, 33

Billy’s Valentine Surprise

“I’m making a valentine for Billy,” Jenna told her mother.

First she folded a square of cardboard in half to make a card. She glued some rice into a heart shape on the card.

Next Jenna cut a heart out of some fuzzy material. She glued it on her card too. Then she made hearts out of sandpaper, macaroni, yarn, and silk. She glued them all over her valentine card.

When Jenna was finished, she showed it to her mother. “It looks great!” Mother exclaimed.

“You have to feel it,” Jenna said. “Billy can’t see, so he’ll look at my valentine with his fingers.”

Mother touched the different hearts. “This is one valentine that feels great, too,” she said.

Jenna put on her coat and ran to Billy’s house to give him his valentine surprise.

Illustrated by Carol Stevens