Kyle and Tyler Augustson of Rock Island, Washington

“Kyle and Tyler Augustson of Rock Island, Washington,” Friend, Dec. 1995, 18

Making Friends:

Kyle and Tyler Augustson of Rock Island, Washington

Imagine how great it would be to live with your best friend. Well, that is pretty much what it’s like for Kyle (9) and Tyler (11) Augustson of Rock Island, Washington. Both boys have other friends, but the brothers have always been each other’s best friend, according to their mom, Annette. The boys agree. Like typical brothers, though, they don’t always get along. But a simple “Sorry” is usually all it takes to patch things up again.

Jumping on the trampoline, running, and playing soccer are some of the activities that Kyle enjoys. His favorite school subjects are cursive writing and art, especially drawing posters.

Tyler is a collector. He has a stamp collection, a rock collection, an animal-poster collection, and a collection of plastic building blocks. He also likes to run, race, and ride their horse, Rebate.

The Augustsons as a family have a “real-animal collection,” and it is the boys’ job to take care of it. Kyle feeds, waters, and cleans up after the dogs, Ginger and Sheera; and he brushes Rebate while Mom saddles the horse.

Tyler takes care of the cats, Salt and Pepper; Key Largo, the gerbil; and the cockatiel, Quackers. The family also has a house bunny named Bugs!

Rock Island is a small town just outside of Wenatchee, Washington, the “Apple Capital of the World.” There are a lot of apple, pear, cherry, apricot, and peach orchards around, and that means a lot of aluminum orchard ladders. The boys’ parents have a part-time ladder repair business, and Tyler and Kyle help by loading ladders onto the truck.

Whether it’s in family walks, bike rides, or eating Sunday dinners that their dad, John, cooks, just being together as a family is important to all of them. Kyle’s favorite family activity was a trip to Disneyland and visiting their Uncle Dan in California.

Being sealed as a family in the Seattle Temple in June of 1993 was Tyler’s favorite experience. Both boys liked the sealing ceremony and seeing their family’s reflection go on and on in what Tyler calls the “mirrors of eternity.”

Going to the temple has made a difference in their day-to-day life. The boys say that there is more peace and harmony now, and they really like that. The experience has also strengthened their own goals of marrying in the temple. “I’ve always wanted to be a good dad and to be sealed in the temple,” Kyle said.

Another important goal the boys have set is to serve missions. If Tyler could choose where he serves his mission, he would choose Alaska. Kyle would choose France because his middle name—his mother’s maiden name—Reneau, is French, and he thinks it would be great if he could teach the gospel to some of her relatives there.

Photos by Shannon Ostler and Annette Augustson

1. Kyle with Sheera

2. Tyler riding Rebate, which he rode in the Washington State Apple Blossom Parade

3. Showing things they built

4. The boys in their playhouse, “Flight of the Navigator”

5. The Augustsons

6. Kyle holding Salt

7. The Augustson family after being sealed in the Seattle Temple

8. Tyler using a mirror to practice drawing a self-portrait

9. Next to a load of ladders to be taken to Oregon for scrap