Old Friends

“Old Friends,” Friend, Dec. 1995, 32

Old Friends

In a hurry Christmas morning

For presents wrapped in red,

I pushed aside my old rag doll,

And she fell out of bed.

Rag dolly’s arm was mended,

And her clothes were out of style,

But she lay waiting patiently

And smiled her faded smile.

My brand new doll with golden curls

And pretty painted face

Sat ’neath the tree that Christmas morn,

All dressed in silk and lace.

I combed her hair and changed her clothes;

I carried her all day

And showed her off to all my friends—

What fun we had at play!

But when my mom came in that night

To listen to my prayers,

Rag dolly was in bed with me,

My new doll on a chair.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki