Weed Wall Hanging

“Weed Wall Hanging,” Friend, Aug. 1995, 26

Weed Wall Hanging

You will need: weeds with stems, a telephone book and other heavy books, scissors, posterboard, glue, plain colored fabric or felt (optional), crayons, a pencil, and white paper.

  1. Go on a nature walk in your yard or neighborhood and, with your parents’ and/or neighbors’ permission, gather several different kinds of weeds.

  2. Put the weeds inside a telephone book and press them by placing the other heavy books on top of the telephone book. Leave for several days.

  3. Cut the posterboard the size you want your picture to be. If desired, glue fabric or felt onto the posterboard as a cover.

  4. Draw a vase on the white paper; color it and then cut it out. Leaving the top unglued so that you can put the weed stems inside the vase, glue the vase onto the lower portion of the posterboard so that there is enough room at the top for the weeds.

  5. Arrange the weeds in the vase, and glue them in place.