Pioneer Treasure Hunt

“Pioneer Treasure Hunt,” Friend, July 1994, 46

Pioneer Treasure Hunt

Instructions: Cut out or copy all the Pioneer Fact cards. Hide #2 by the kitchen sink; #3 in a toy box or closet; #4 on the stairs or front steps; #5 in the oven; #6 in the freezer; #7 on the kitchen or dining-room table; #8 in the bathtub or shower stall; #9 by the piano, record player, or radio; and the treasure itself (a small prize or treat) in a pantry or cupboard. If a clue doesn’t fit your home, change it or leave it out. Give fact card # 1 to treasure hunters to begin search.

Pioneer Fact #1
Pioneers used to drink from streams. They didn’t have running water like we do. Where do we get our drinks?

Pioneer Fact #2
Pioneers made up games to play as they traveled. Because they left most of their toys behind, they had to make their own toys from things that they found. Where do we keep our toys?

Pioneer Fact #3
As the pioneers traveled, they came to many mountains and hills. Climbing them was hard work! What do we have to climb every day?

Pioneer Fact #4
The pioneers traveled in all kinds of weather. Sometimes it was very hot! Where in our house can we turn on something to make it very, very hot?

Pioneer Fact #5
Pioneers also encountered cold so bitter that it cost many of them their lives. Where is it freezing cold in our house?

Pioneer Fact #6
Pioneers didn’t have homes to eat in. They cooked over open fires and ate their meals outside. Where do we eat our meals?

Pioneer Fact #7
Pioneers didn’t have bathtubs. They took their baths in rivers and streams. Where do we take baths?

Pioneer Fact #8
After a long day’s travel, the pioneers pulled their wagons into a circle, then built campfires. Often they sang and danced around these fires. Where do we sing and dance?

Pioneer Fact #9
The pioneers seldom had enough to eat. They were often hungry and had to ration food. We are lucky to have so much to eat. The treasure will be found where our food is stored.