Old Testament Animals

“Old Testament Animals,” Friend, July 1994, 23

Old Testament Animals

Match each animal with the Old Testament person or event it is associated with.

1. raven

a. Returned to Noah with an olive leaf. (See Gen. 8:6–12.)

2. fish

b. One of the ten plagues inflicted on Egypt. (See Ex. 8:1–15.)

3. dove

c. Given to the Israelites when they were tired of eating manna. (See Ex. 16:11–13.)

4. lamb

d. David saved it from being eaten by a lion and a bear. (See 1 Sam. 17:32–37.)

5. lion

e. Fed Elijah while he was hiding from King Ahab. (See 1 Kgs. 17:1–6.)

6. frog

f. Daniel was saved from being eaten by them. (See Dan. 6.)

7. quail

g. Jonah spent three days in the belly of one. (See Jonah 1.)