The Gift

    “The Gift,” Friend, Dec. 1993, 32–33

    The Gift

    And there came a voice out of heaven saying: This is my beloved Son (D&C 93:15).

    Softly glowing starlight

    From Christmas skies above

    Reminds me of another star,

    A symbol of God’s love.

    I seem to see a stable

    Bathed in heaven’s radiant light,

    A tiny baby sleeping

    On a still and holy night.

    I hear the choirs of angels,

    See shepherds, Wise Men too!

    Hope lay wrapped in heaven’s light,

    God’s gift to me and you.

    The twinkling of each tiny star

    In God’s bright heaven above

    Reminds me of that treasured night

    He sent the world His Son.

    Illustrated by Julie F. Young