Temple Preparation Game

“Temple Preparation Game,” Friend, Nov. 1993, 35

Temple Preparation Game

This game will help remind you of some of the things that need to be done before you can go to the temple. Carefully remove this page from the magazine. Make an additional set of the game pieces, cut them out, and put them in a small sack. Mount this page on lightweight cardboard. Cut out the game board and the original game pieces.

To play the game, randomly put the game pieces on the game board, covering each square except the Free square. Use buttons, beans, or pieces of paper for markers, and place a marker on the Free square. Draw a game piece from the sack, then place a marker in the matching square. When you get five in a row across, down, or diagonally, you win! Rearrange the pieces on your game board, put the other game pieces back into the sack, and play again. If more than one person wants to play, make additional copies of the game board and game pieces.

Temple Preparation Game


Attend sacrament meeting

Receive the Holy Ghost

Follow the prophet

Support my stake president

Gain a testimony of the gospel

Have faith in Christ

Keep the command-

Be baptized

Obey the Word of Wisdom

Support my bishop

Listen to the Holy Ghost

Be a good example

Make the right choices

Be honest

Keep my thoughts and words pure

Obtain a temple recommend

Be interviewed by the bishop

Attend Primary

Keep my actions morally clean

Be kind to my family

Love others

Pray always

Be interviewed by the stake president

Pay an honest tithe