Temples of the Lord

    “Temples of the Lord,” Friend, Jan. 1993, 27

    Temples of the Lord

    To do this activity, you will need: pieces of yellow, green, and red colored paper, a paper punch, and glue; or you can use 3 different kinds of very small stickers.

    Instructions: (1) With a paper punch make 44 yellow dots, 10 green dots, and 4 red dots. (2) On the maps on pages 24 and 25 find the location of each temple built and still in use in this dispensation (44), and glue a yellow dot there. (3) Now locate the places where the 10 temples announced or under construction will be found, and glue green dots there. (4) Glue the red dots on the sites of the 4 special-category temples.

    When you have finished, you will see that temples have begun to “dot the land,” as has been prophesied. The temples are listed below.

    Temples in North America (Excluding Utah)

    • Alberta (Cardston, Alberta, Canada)

    • Arizona (Mesa, Arizona)

    • Atlanta Georgia

    • Boise Idaho

    • Chicago Illinois

    • Dallas Texas

    • Denver Colorado

    • Idaho Falls (Idaho)

    • Las Vegas Nevada

    • Los Angeles (California)

    • Oakland (California)

    • Portland Oregon

    • Seattle (Washington)

    • Toronto Ontario (Canada)

    • Washington (D.C.)

    Temples in Utah

    • Jordan River

    • Logan

    • Manti

    • Ogden

    • Provo

    • Salt Lake

    • St. George

    Temples in Europe, the British Isles, and Scandinavia

    • Frankfurt Germany

    • Freiberg Germany

    • London (England)

    • Stockholm Sweden

    • Swiss (Zollikofen, Switzerland)

    Temples in Africa

    • Johannesburg South Africa

    Temples in Central and South America

    • Buenos Aires Argentina

    • Guatemala City (Guatemala)

    • Lima Peru

    • Mexico City (Mexico)

    • Santiago Chile

    • São Paulo (Brazil)

    Temples in the Far East and the Pacific

    • Apia Samoa

    • Hawaii (Laie, Hawaii)

    • Manila Philippines

    • New Zealand (Hamilton, New Zealand)

    • Nuku‘alofa Tonga

    • Papeete Tahiti

    • Seoul Korea

    • Sydney Australia

    • Taipei Taiwan

    • Tokyo (Japan)

    Temples Announced or Under Construction

    • Bogotá Colombia

    • Bountiful Utah

    • Guayaquil Equador

    • Hartford Connecticut

    • Hong Kong

    • Orlando Florida

    • Preston England

    • San Diego California

    • St. Louis Missouri

    • Utah County

    Special-Category Temples

    • Jerusalem (prophesied to be built before the Second Coming)

    • Kirtland (no longer in use) (Ohio)

    • Nauvoo (destroyed) (Illinois)

    • New Jerusalem (prophesied for Independence, Missouri)