New Year’s Dragon

    “New Year’s Dragon,” Friend, Jan. 1993, 26

    New Year’s Dragon

    To make a dragon, you will need an empty cardboard toilet tissue tube; scissors; green construction paper; glue; scraps of white, black, and red colored paper or felt; and rickrack.

    1. Flatten the tissue tube slightly. Press the edges of one end of it together. Cut a double row of teeth. Bend the teeth inward.

    2. Cut the green construction paper to fit around the tube. Leaving the teeth uncovered, glue the paper onto the tube.

    3. Glue on white eyes with black centers, a red nose, and black ears (see illustration).

    4. Add rickrack or paper markings on the dragon’s back (see illustration).

    5. Cut out a long red tongue, and glue one end of it in the mouth (see illustration).

    6. Place your fingers in the back opening and wave the dragon up and down.