Eternal Things

    “Eternal Things,” Friend, Jan. 1993, 12–13

    Eternal Things

    1. These are the things I dream of in sleep when the day is through.

    These are the things I hope for, having faith that they are true.

    These are the things I pray for, when in faith I kneel to Thee;

    and these are the things I’ll gain if I live worthily.

    May my heart be upon these eternal things.

    2. Parent and child, we can all be a fam’ly eternally,

    Living together in a place of perfect harmony,

    There in the presence of Jesus, with friends and family.

    What greater blessings could I seek than these eternal things?

    Oh may my heart be ever on eternal things.

    Copyright © 1992 by Ann Kapp Andersen. All rights reserved. This song may be copied for incidental, noncommercial church or home use. This notice must be included on each copy made.

    Music, Eternal Things
    Music, Eternal Things