Samuel the Lamanite

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“Samuel the Lamanite,” Friend, July 1992, 23

Samuel the Lamanite

Number in proper order these events in the story of Samuel the Lamanite, an important Book of Mormon prophet. The first event is done for you.

    1. Samuel went to Zarahemla to preach repentance; he preached for many, many days.

    1. Samuel told the Nephites that if they didn’t repent, within four hundred years they would be destroyed by war (the sword), famine, and pestilence.

    1. He prophesied of Christ’s death and of the destruction and other happenings in America following the Crucifixion.

    1. The Lamanites were righteous, but the Nephites had grown wicked.

    1. The Lord told Samuel to return to Zarahemla and prophesy what He would put into his heart.

    1. The Nephites wouldn’t listen, and they threw Samuel out of Zarahemla.

    1. Samuel prophesied of Christ’s birth five years from then.

    1. Samuel fled and never returned to the Nephites.

    1. The Nephites wouldn’t let Samuel into the city, so he spoke to them from the top of the city wall.

    1. The people still wouldn’t believe Samuel. They tried to kill him with rocks and arrows.