Just a Matter of Time

“Just a Matter of Time,” Friend, May 1992, 30–31

Just a Matter of Time

Men shall reap a reward of their works (Alma 9:28).

Betsy walked into her mom’s room, holding a pair of scissors, a book, and a box of jumbo crayons. “Will you help me cut out and color my paper dolls?” she asked.

“Maybe later honey,” answered Mom. “I still have housework to do before our company comes.”

Betsy walked back to her room and flopped down on her bed. If only Mom weren’t so busy, she thought, we could spend some time together. Looking up, she noticed something on the cluttered bulletin board nailed to her wall. A pink paper hand dangled from a thumbtack. Betsy read the words printed across the hand: “I’ll be a helping hand.” Sister Summers had helped Betsy and her classmates each make one in Primary.

Betsy had a great idea! She quickly straightened her room, then tiptoed to the bathroom and cleaned off the countertop. Next she crept into her brother’s room, made his bed, and put away his toys. Then she slipped into the laundry room, pulled the towels from the dryer, folded them neatly, and placed them on top of the washer. She heard Mom’s footsteps as she sneaked back to her room to wait.

Betsy grinned when her mom’s happy face appeared in the doorway. “You’ve been quietly busy, haven’t you?” asked Mom as she hugged Betsy.

“I thought if I helped you with your work, you would have more time to spend with me,” said Betsy.

“You were right,” said Mom. “My fingers are ready for cutting and coloring.”

As Betsy snuggled close to her mom, she was glad she had helped her—not just so Mom could spend more time with her, but because she had a wonderfully warm feeling inside!