Halloween Party Fun

“Halloween Party Fun,” Friend, Oct. 1991, 26

Halloween Party Fun

Black-Cat Yowl

Have every contestant yowl like a cat. The one with the loudest, scariest yowl wins.

Pumpkin Grin

Each contestant is to grin like the face of a pumpkin. A judge measures all grins, and the “pumpkin” with the biggest grin wins.

Clown Shennanigans

One contestant at a time stands up in front of the others as they laugh, tell jokes, make faces, etc. The contestant who can keep a straight face the longest is the winner.

Spider Crawl

At “Go,” each contestant is to drop to his hands and knees, grab the end of a long piece of string licorice (stretched out on wax paper on the floor) with his mouth, and eat his way to the other end. No hands are allowed, chins may be raised no higher than 1″ (2.5 cm) from the floor, and a contestant must not pull the licorice to him. The first one to reach the finish line and have the complete piece of licorice in his mouth is the winner.

Peanut Race

Each contestant is given 5 peanuts and 2 toothpicks in a dish at the starting line. The object is to carry the peanuts, one at a time, using only the toothpicks, to another dish at the finish line. The person must hop backward to the starting line for each successive peanut. The first one to get all his peanuts in the dish at the finish line and hop backward to the starting line wins.