Paper Cup Sailboat

“Paper Cup Sailboat,” Friend, June 1991, 26

Paper Cup Sailboat

To make a sailboat to play with in a bathtub or sink, you will need: a half-gallon milk carton or jug, a paper cup, a straw, a pencil, a piece of molding clay.

  1. Cut off the bottom 2″ (5 cm) of the milk carton. Discard the rest.

  2. Cut the paper cup in half. Then cut the bottom section from one of the cup halves and discard it. (Use the other half on another boat.)

  3. Using the pencil, punch two holes through the remaining part of the cup. (See illustration.) Thread the straw through the holes. Anchor the clay in the bottom of the milk carton, then push the end of the straw into the clay.

  4. Place your sailboat in the water and blow against the cup to make it sail.