Father’s Day Gifts

“Father’s Day Gifts,” Friend, June 1991, 39

Father’s Day Gifts

Snake at the Door

To make an energy-saving snake to put at the base of doors to keep drafts out, you will need: a clean long sock or leg from a pair of hose or tights, rags or fiber fill, needle, thread, two buttons, different colors of felt, and glue.

  1. Stuff the sock tightly with the rags or fiber fill. Sew the end of the sock closed.

  2. Sew the buttons onto the toe end for the eyes. Cut out the other decorations, such as the tongue, nose, eyebrows, from the felt to decorate your snake. Either sew on the decorations or attach them with glue.

Going Fishing

To make this game, you will need: a cardboard toilet-tissue or paper-towel roll, a 24″ (60 cm) string, a Popsicle stick, a 4″ x 3″ (10 cm x 7.5 cm) piece of lightweight cardboard, a curtain or key ring, a pocketknife, a paper punch, and marking pens.

  1. Notch both sides of the stick 1/4″ (6 mm) from one end. Tie one end of the string tightly around the notches so that the string won’t slip.

  2. Cut five 3/4″ (2 cm) rings from the cardboard roll. Decorate with the pens as desired.

  3. Trace the pattern of the fish as shown onto the cardboard. Cut it out, including the hole in the center. Decorate it as desired. Punch a hole in the tail, where indicated; thread the other end of the string through the hole, then securely tie the string to the curtain or key ring.

  4. Cut out the rules card below and give it to your father with the toy.


Hold the fish, key ring, and cardboard rings in one hand, and the stick in the other hand. Toss the cardboard rings into the air one at a time and try to hook each piece with the stick. After a piece is caught, let it slide down onto the string, and try hooking the next piece. When all five circles have been caught and are on the string, try to catch the fish.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney