King Limhi and His People Escape

“King Limhi and His People Escape,” Friend, May 1991, 18

King Limhi and His People Escape

Nephites pay taxes to Lamanites

When the Lamanites attacked his people, King Noah and some of his men fled. The Lamanites took the rest of the Nephites away, gave them land, but made them pay heavy taxes. Mosiah 19:11–15, 26

Limhi was not wicked

The Nephites made Limhi their new king. Limhi was King Noah’s son, but he was not wicked like his father. He was a good man. Mosiah 19:16–17

Lamanites cruel to Nephites

Limhi tried to make peace with the Lamanites, but the Lamanites kept the Nephites under guard and were cruel to them. Mosiah 19:27–28; Mosiah 21:2–3

Strangers outside city put into prison

Limhi saw some strangers outside the city. Thinking that they were men who had fled with King Noah, Limhi had them put in prison. Then he found out that they were Nephites from Zarahemla. Mosiah 21:23–24

Limhi happy to see Ammon

Their leader was named Ammon. King Limhi was happy to see him. He hoped that Ammon could help his people escape from the Lamanites. Mosiah 7:12–15

People in bondage due to wickedness

Limhi called his people together. He reminded them that they were in bondage because they had become wicked. Mosiah 7:17–20

If they repent, God would help them escape

Limhi said that if his people would repent, have faith, and obey the commandments, God would help them escape. He and many of the Nephites promised to do so. Mosiah 7:33; Mosiah 21:32

Gideon had a plan to escape

The Nephites wanted to escape, but there were too many Lamanites for them to fight. A man named Gideon pointed out that at night the Lamanite guards were usually drunk. Mosiah 22:1–2, 5–6

Nephites prepared to escape

The Nephites gathered their flocks, and Limhi sent extra wine as a present to the guards. Mosiah 22:10

Guards were drunk, Nephites escaped

That night, King Limhi and his people walked quietly past the drunken guards and escaped. Mosiah 22:11

Ammon and people of Limhi return to Zarahemla

Ammon and his brethren led Limhi and his people through the wilderness to the land of Zarahemla. King Mosiah and the people of Zarahemla were happy to welcome them. Mosiah 22:13–14

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson