Our Hike

“Our Hike,” Friend, May 1991, 29

Our Hike

Every creature of God is good (1 Tim. 4:4).

1. Mommy and I took a

hike today.

We saw many things

along the way.

2. A squirrel ran up

a maple tree.

He chattered and waved

his tail at me.

3. A ladybug jumped

upon my shoe.

I jiggled my toe, and

away she flew.

4. A rabbit hid when we

came near.

He twitched his nose

and wiggled one ear.

5. We met a kitten both

white and black.

She rubbed my leg, and

I stroked her back.

6. We had lots of fun

on our walk

Though we only hiked

around our block.

Illustrated by Elise Niven Black