New Testament Matchup

    “New Testament Matchup,” Friend, Mar. 1991, 5

    New Testament Matchup

    Match each person, place, or thing with its description. There will be two unused answers.

    1. Timothy’s mother (see 1 Tim. 1:1–2, 5).

    a. speck, chip, or splinter

    2. What the River Jordan flows into from the north and out of from the south (see Bible Dictionary—Jordan River.)

    b. Sea of Galilee

    3. Where Jesus preached after calling His disciples (see Matt. 4:heading, Matt. 4:23.)

    c. Peter

    4. Definition of a mote (see Matt. 7:3, note b.)

    d. Deborah

    5. Apostle who denied Christ three times before the cock crew (crowed) (see Luke 22:55–62.)

    e. Denarius

    6. The little man who climbed a sycamore tree in order to see Jesus (see Luke 19:2–6.)

    f. Galilee

    g. Zacchaeus

    h. Eunice