They Spoke to Us

“They Spoke to Us,” Friend, Dec. 1990, 7

They Spoke to Us

Report from the 160th Semiannual General Conference, October 6–7, 1990.

Gordon B. Hinckley, First Counselor in the First Presidency: I testify of [the Savior’s] living reality. I testify of the reality of God, our Eternal Father. I testify of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ in this the dispensation of the fulness of times. I testify that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that when people speak of us by the name of this book, they will compliment us, if we will live worthy of the name.

Thomas S. Monson, Second Counselor in the First Presidency: How you speak and the words you use tell much about the image you choose to portray. Use language to build and uplift those around you. Profane, vulgar, or crude language and inappropriate or off-color jokes are offensive to the Lord. Never misuse the name of God or Jesus Christ. The Lord said, “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” (Ex. 20:7).

Marvin J. Ashton of the Council of the Twelve Apostles: God’s love for us is constant and will not diminish, but he cannot rescue us from the painful results that are caused by wrong choices.

L. Tom Perry of the Council of the Twelve Apostles: It is not enough to behave reverently; we must feel in our hearts reverence for our Heavenly Father and our Lord, Jesus Christ. Reverence flows from our admiration and respect for Deity. It is something we feel inside our hearts no matter what is going on around us. It is also a personal responsibility. We cannot blame others for disturbing our reverent attitudes.

Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Council of the Twelve Apostles: Daily prayers can help us keep on the path that leads to eternal life. We are very unlikely to stray if we offer a humble, simple prayer at least each morning and evening to express thanks and to seek divine guidance.

Hartman Rector, Jr., of the Seventy: Once baptized, we then receive the Holy Ghost, a special gift from God, which is priceless beyond expression. The Holy Ghost bears witness of the Father and the Son and guides us to all truth and comforts us and gives us peace for the rest of our lives.

Ruth B. Wright, Second Counselor, Primary General Presidency: I am filled to overflowing with the love Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father have for me and you and the whole world. He blesses us daily, as he blessed the little children, with a love that gives me strength to go forth with assurance that he will guide me.

Sister Wright greeting a child at conference. (Photo by Philip Shurtleff.)