Lollipop Reindeer

“Lollipop Reindeer,” Friend, Dec. 1990, 16

Lollipop Reindeer

To make a lollipop reindeer, you will need: scissors; brown, black, and red felt; a plastic spoon; a lollipop; and ribbon.

  1. Cut out two three-pronged, brown felt antlers, then glue them inside the top of the bowl of the spoon (see illustration).

  2. Cut out two black eyes and a red nose, and glue them on the outside of the bowl of the spoon, as shown.

  3. Fit the lollipop inside the bowl of the spoon, and tie them snugly together with the ribbon.

  4. Use the reindeer as a gift, a tree ornament, or a package decoration.