Wheelbarrow Ride

“Wheelbarrow Ride,” Friend, Sept. 1990, 18–19

Wheelbarrow Ride

The best wheelbarrow ride that I ever went on

Happened one morning on Grandfather’s lawn.

He filled up the ’barrow with a great leafy pile.

“Hop on top,” he said with a smile.

He gave a big push, and away we did roll.

We bopped and we bounced right over a hole.

Grandpa said, “Now, here we go fast!”

I jiggled and jounced like a frog in the grass.

Splash through a puddle, squish through the sand—

I dreamed I was riding a ship tall and grand.

Up a big hill and round an old tree—

Grandma was laughing at Grandpa and me.

Over the grass we flew like the wind.

I said to Grandpa, “Wow, what a spin!”

Now, I’ll never forget the breezes’ sweet song—

And the best ‘barrow ride that I ever went on!

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney