International Dress, Then and Now
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“International Dress, Then and Now,” Friend, May 1990, 43

International Dress, Then and Now

Match each kind of article of dress with its description.

1. Loose outer garment worn anciently by Romans

a. Farthingale

2. Long coatlike garment worn by Muslims

b. Tabard

3. East Indian skirt of men and women

c. Chiton

4. Loose white choir robe

d. Sarong

5. Usual long garment of Hindu women

e. Surplice

6. Loose sash-tied robe of Japanese persons

f. Kimono

7. Knee-length skirt worn by men in Scotland

g. Serape

8. Frame for hooped skirt or petticoat

h. Burnoose

9. Metal scales or chains worn as armor, especially in ancient Britain

i. Jubbah

10. A colorful, loose Hawaiian woman’s dress

j. Kilt

11. Garment worn anciently in Greece—kneelength for men, full-length for women

k. Sari

12. Colorful shawl worn by Mexicans

l. Toga

13. Coveralls worn by parachutists

m. Coat of mail

14. One-piece hooded cloak worn by Arabs and Moors

n. Muumuu

15. Tunic worn by knights over armor

o. Jumpsuit

16. Leather, seatless leggings worn over pants by North American cowboys

p. Chaps