Spencer W. Kimball
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“Spencer W. Kimball,” Friend, Dec. 1989, 34

Spencer W. Kimball

Study and learn (D&C 90:15).

Spencer W. Kimball helped on the farm

1 Young Spencer Kimball spent many hours helping his father on the family farm. He tramped hay, planted seeds, weeded the garden, and painted the barn and house.

2 And every day Spencer milked the cows. There were no milking machines in those days, and it took the young boy quite a while to finish this chore.

Spencer W. Kimball helped on the farm

3 Spencer liked to learn. He decided to use his “milking time” to learn new things, so he copied the words from Church hymns onto small pieces of paper and sang to the cows while he milked them.

4 He memorized many of his favorite scriptures the same way. Neighbors often joked about those cows being the most spiritual cows in the area!

5 From the barn doorway, Spencer’s father would watch him sitting on a three-legged stool, milking a cow and learning hymns and scriptures.

6 Spencer W. Kimball learned at a young age to be dedicated to the gospel and to seek after righteousness. He was well prepared to become the twelfth President of the Church.

Illustrated by Paul Mann