Party Fun

“Party Fun,” Friend, Oct. 1989, 32

Party Fun

If you are having a Halloween party for your friends, ask them to come in their regular clothes, then try one or both of these activities:

  1. Ask your friends to bring old black-and-white pictures—extra school photos or snapshots—of themselves that they are willing to part with. Provide different colors of grease pencils (crayons aren’t as good but will do), and have your friends draw Halloween costumes on their own photos. Then mix up the photos and have your friends guess who each one is. The altered photos are delightful party favors.

  2. Assemble a large number of costume pieces—old clothes, hats, jewelry, empty glass frames, false noses and beards, magician/fairy wands, crowns, toy swords, etc.—many could be made of paper, cardboard, cloth scraps—and have your friends create their own costumes. If you have a camera that takes instant pictures, the photos make great party souvenirs.