Sharing Time: Fun with Favorites

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“Sharing Time: Fun with Favorites,” Friend, Oct. 1988, 46

Sharing Time:

Fun with Favorites

I will sing praise to thy name (Ps. 9:2).

Did you know that if you memorize words and music together, you will often remember them both forever? That is because the music reminds you of the words, and the words remind you of the music. The most important thing that you should remember, however, is the meaning of the song.

You can have fun remembering the music, words, and meanings of some of your favorite songs and play a game at the same time. The game can be played with two players or two teams.


  1. Make two markers and place at starting point on map.

    Map of the world
    Map of the world

    All locations are approximate.

  2. Make eight copies of Liahona. On back of each Liahona, write name of song and question about it.

  3. Put all Liahonas in basket, or attach each to flat stick and stand in slit made in box lid.

  4. Two players are selected. One player chooses a Liahona and has someone read name of song and question about it. When one player thinks that he had answer, he raises his hand or rings bell. (Players should sing through song in their minds to find answer.) Player who answers correctly moves his marker (or his team’s marker) ahead one space on map.

  5. Sing song to check answer. Return Liahona to basket.

  6. Continue until one player or team reaches finish.

  7. Write your own questions about other favorite hymns and songs.

Song Titles and Questions

  1. “Book of Mormon Stories” (Sing with Me, B-87) The Lamanites were given this land if they did what?

  2. “Called to Serve” (Sing with Me, B-85) Whom are we called to serve?

  3. “The Golden Plates” (Sing with Me, B-57) Where are the stories from the golden plates retold?

  4. “Listen, Listen” (Sing with Me, B-3) What will the Holy Ghost do if you listen?

  5. “Jesus Loved the Little Children” (Sing with Me, B-51) What did Jesus do to show His love for children?

  6. “We’ll Bring the World His Truth” (Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation 1986, page 10) Why have we been saved for these latter days?

  7. “The Books in the Book of Mormon” (More Songs for Children, page 32) How many books are there in the Book of Mormon?

  8. “I Am a Child of God” (Sing with Me, B-76, or Hymns, no. 301) What do I have to do to live with Heavenly Father once more?

Sharing Time Ideas

  1. Divide Primary into two teams. Enlarge map to play game, or make signs for each location on map and place around room. A person from each team could be “marker” and move from place to place. Focus on how to find answer rather than on competing.

  2. To choose song, you could translate titles from a code (See Sharing Time, Friend, November 1983, page 11, for example of code), or pianist could play several notes of melody until title is identified. As soon as title has been identified, ask question about song, then continue singing and moving markers.

  3. Extend use of map to classroom reviews or scripture chases.

  4. For other choose-and-review ideas, see Sharing Time, Friend, October 1983, page 47; November 1981, IBC. (Song titles or questions could be written on fruit pieces.)