The Book of Mormon: Jesus in America

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“The Book of Mormon: Jesus in America,” Friend, Aug. 1988, 25

The Book of Mormon:
Jesus in America

See Third Nephi chapters 11 through 26 [3 Ne. 11–26]

Instructions: To make small book, open staples, remove pages 24 and 25 from magazine, then close staples. Mount six sections on lightweight cardboard, then cut out. Punch holes in sections as marked. Place sections on top of each other with title page on top. Line up holes, and tie with yarn.

1 After Jesus was resurrected, He visited the descendants of Lehi. Heavenly Father’s voice bore testimony of Him. Jesus told the people to come to Him and feel the marks of the nails in His hands and His feet.

2 From among them He chose twelve disciples to lead them, and He gave these men special power and authority.

3 Because of His great love for them, Jesus taught the people about prayer, baptism, the Atonement, and many other important gospel principles.

4 He healed the sick, then called for the little children and blessed each one.

5 After teaching the people about the sacrament, repentance, and all that they would need to live righteously, Jesus left.