Fourth Article of Faith

    “Fourth Article of Faith,” Friend, Mar. 1988, 26

    Fourth Article of Faith

    Crossword puzzle


    1. Third member of the Godhead.

    2. First principle of the gospel.

    3. Second principle of the gospel.

    4. “Laying on of hands for the _____ of the Holy Ghost.”

    5. We are baptized by immersion for the remission of _____.

    6. Baptism and the laying on of hands are both examples of priesthood _____.


    1. We must have faith in the Lord _____ _____.

    2. We receive the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of _____.

    3. Mode of baptism wherein a person’s body is completely covered with water.

    4. The third principle and ordinance of the gospel.


    • Across—(2) Holy Ghost, (4) faith, (7) repentance, (8) gift, (9) sins, (10) ordinances. Down—(1) Jesus Christ, (3) hands, (5) immersion, (6) baptism.