Find the Instruments
July 1987

“Find the Instruments,” Friend, July 1987, 13

Find the Instruments

Usually you use your ears to identify musical instruments, but this time you have to use your eyes. Find the cello, drum, flute, gong, lyre, oboe, organ, trumpet, tuba, and viola hidden in the sentences below.

Example: “The new Swedish girl’s name is Pia,” Nora said.

  1. Little Tommy would rummage through his toy box every day.

  2. Dan would never join a mob or gang of hoodlums.

  3. The problem is in either the battery cell or the on/off switch.

  4. At the railroad station we saw a hobo eating a candy bar.

  5. “My little brother is having a temper tantrum,” Peter said.

  6. Put your sore foot in the tub and soak it.

  7. When Jean had the flu, ten friends visited her.

  8. Levi, Olan, and John were my great-uncles.

  9. We saw a red wagon going down the road.

  10. Aunt Elizabeth recently returned home from a mission.


  • (1) would rummage, (2) or gang, (3) cell or, (4) hobo eating, (5) tantrum,” Peter, (6) tub and, (7) flu, ten, (8) Levi, Olan, (9) wagon going, (10) recently returned.