Christmas Workshop

“Christmas Workshop,” Friend, Dec. 1986, 26–27

Christmas Workshop

Panda Bear

You will need: empty walnut shell half, paint, paintbrush, poster board, black and white felt, scissors, glue, felt-tip pen, magnet, and tiny bow.

  1. Paint outside of walnut shell.

  2. Trace bear’s body pattern onto both poster board and white felt. Cut out and glue together.

  3. Cut ears, arms, eyes, nose, and legs out of black felt; glue in place.

  4. Draw on mouth.

  5. Glue magnet on back of bear, then glue walnut shell tummy, paws, and bow in place.

Tiny Pinecone Wreath

For each wreath, you will need: lightweight cardboard, green felt, tiny pinecones, glue, small bow, and holly berries or beads.

  1. Cut circle 4″ (10 cm) in diameter from cardboard. To make wreath base, cut second circle 1″ (2.5 cm) in diameter out of center of first circle. Trace wreath base twice onto felt; cut out felt wreaths and glue one on each side of cardboard. Let glue dry thoroughly.

  2. Starting on inside of wreath base, arrange pinecones, and glue in place by rows until front of wreath is covered.

  3. When glue has thoroughly set, repeat with second layer of cones. When this layer has also set, glue on bow and berries or beads.

Light the Tree Card

To make greeting card, you will need: white lightweight cardboard, red paper, scissors, ruler, glue, pencil or paper punch, and crayons or colored markers.

  1. Cut 4″ x 6″ (10 cm x 15 cm) rectangle from cardboard.

  2. Cut out small semicircle at bottom (see illustration).

  3. Draw Christmas tree; color.

  4. With sharp pencil or paper punch, carefully punch holes in tree for lights (see illustration).

  5. With scissors trim any edges that stick up around holes.

  6. Cut red paper the same size as cardboard, and glue edges of sides and top to back of cardboard.

  7. Cut second rectangle from cardboard 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ (9 cm x 14 cm); color to match tree.

  8. Slide second rectangle between other two and draw arrow on bottom in semicircle.

Designer Pillowcases

A family member or a friend will enjoy receiving a personalized designer pillowcase made by you. For each one, you will need: white pillowcase, coloring book picture, tracing paper, pencil, straight pins, grocery sack, and crayons or fabric markers.

  1. Choose appropriate picture from coloring book to put on pillowcase, such as flowers for mother, doll for sister, or train for little brother. Simple pictures work best.

  2. Lay pillowcase on clean table. Place tracing paper, color side down, on it; then place picture from coloring book on top of tracing paper. Pin papers to pillowcase so that they won’t slide. With pencil, firmly trace picture; remove pins, picture, and tracing paper.

  3. Insert piece of sack inside pillowcase, and color picture with markers or crayons. If you used crayons, place pillowcase colored side up on ironing board, leaving sack inside. Place another piece of sack on top of pillowcase to keep crayon from getting on iron. Ask adult to iron colors into fabric. Hot iron should be lifted and pressed onto each area of design for fifteen seconds. Do not slide iron over surface or colors will smear. Remove papers, and your gift is ready.

Illustrated by Pat Hoggan