The Law of the Church

“The Law of the Church,” Friend, June 1985, 18

The Law of the Church

Adapted from Doctrine and Covenants Stories (PBIC037A)

(See D&C 42.)

The law of the Church

1 In Kirtland, Ohio, the Lord gave a very important revelation to Joseph Smith called “the law of the Church.” The Lord said that the Saints should teach the gospel to all people and that men who go on missions should be ordained to the priesthood by leaders of the Church.

Missionaries should go two by two

2 The Lord also said that two missionaries should work together, teaching from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. They should pray for the Holy Ghost to be with them to inspire them. And they should baptize the people who believe in the gospel.

We should obey the Ten Commandments

3 The Lord said that members of the Church should obey the Ten Commandments.

Blessing the sick

4 The Saints should take care of sick members, and worthy Melchizedek Priesthood bearers should bless them. Sick members who have faith will not die if it is not their time to die. However, righteous Saints should not be afraid to die, for death will be wonderful for them.

We should share

5 The Saints should share what they have with other people, just as Jesus shared. Members should be clean, work hard, and do their best in all things.

Obedience brings happiness

6 Jesus will give many revelations to righteous members and teach them many things. If the Saints obey the law of the Church, they will be happy.