Fishing Fun

“Fishing Fun,” Friend, June 1985, 47

Fishing Fun

In the following sentences, find and underline these fishing terms: bait, bobber, cast, catch, creel, hook, reel, seine, sinker, spinner, tackle, trolling. Example: I dropped the pitchfork and lost one toe.

  1. Some rings are elegant

  2. Does ink erode faster than paint?

  3. The school band’s tuba? It sank!

  4. The player stole a base in each inning.

  5. When reading a textbook, you must grasp inner ideas.

  6. I stack letters on each shelf.

  7. Bob, Bert, and Belinda play in piano recitals.

  8. That kind of ballyhoo kindles smiles, not frowns.

  9. I’d rather have a square yard here than a whole acre elsewhere.

  10. The Incas thought Pizarro was a god.

  11. One cat chased all the mice from the barn.

  12. The bowling ball would start rolling toward the gutter every time.


  • (1) are elegant, (2) Does ink erode, (3) tuba? It, (4) base in each, (5) grasp inner, (6) stack letters, (7) Bob, Bert, (8) ballyhoo kindles, (9) acre elsewhere, (10) Incas thought, (11) cat chased, (12) start rolling.