Sprouting Wheat in a Jar

“Sprouting Wheat in a Jar,” Friend, Feb. 1985, 16

Sprouting Wheat in a Jar

“Wheat for man” (D&C 89:17).

Sprouted wheat is easy to grow, fun to see, and very nutritious to eat! You can eat the sprouts right out of the jar or add them to salads, soups, or sandwiches. You will need: 1-quart-size wide-mouthed glass jar, clean piece of old nylon stocking, 1/4 cup wheat, and rubber band.

  1. Put wheat in jar; add 1 cup water. Place jar in warm, dark place, and let soak for eight to twelve hours.

  2. After soaking wheat, cover mouth of jar with piece of nylon stocking, and secure with rubber band. Carefully pour water out of jar.

  3. Place jar on its side in warm, dark place. Remember to rinse and drain wheat at least twice daily. Sprouts should develop in two to three days.