Samuel Smith, Missionary

“Samuel Smith, Missionary,” Friend, Feb. 1985, 18

Samuel Smith, Missionary

Adapted from Doctrine and Covenants Stories (PBIC037A)

Samuel Smith, the first missionary

1 Joseph Smith’s younger brother Samuel was the third person baptized into the restored Church. Two months after the Church was organized in 1830, he was set apart by the Prophet Joseph as the Church’s first formal missionary.

Few wanted to buy the Book of Mormon

2 Samuel was anxious to share the gospel and to tell people about the Book of Mormon. But when he tried to sell copies of it to them, only a few wanted to buy it.

Samuel often went hungry

3 Many people were unkind to Samuel while he was on his mission. Often he went hungry and had to sleep outside.

Brigham Young gets a copy of the Book of Mormon

4 Samuel did sell a Book of Mormon to Phineas Young. After Phineas read the Book of Mormon, he gave it to his brother Brigham to read.

Brigham Young believed the Book of Mormon was true

5 Brigham Young read the Book of Mormon and believed that it was true. After studying the gospel of Jesus Christ, Brigham and Phineas told their friends about the Book of Mormon. Several of their friends read the book and joined the Church along with Brigham and Phineas.

Brigham Young became the prophet

6 Later Brigham Young became a prophet and a great leader. He helped the Saints to move across the prairies and mountains and to colonize the West.

Many valiant people joined the Church

7 Samuel Smith returned home from his first mission discouraged and disappointed. He didn’t know that because of his missionary efforts, Brigham Young and many other valiant people would come into the Church.