The Growing Church

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“The Growing Church,” Friend, Jan. 1985, 28

The Growing Church

Adapted from Doctrine and Covenants Stories (PBIC037A)

(See Church History 1:84–96.)

The Conference of the Church

1 In June 1830 at Fayette, New York, the newly organized Church held its first conference. There were about thirty members in its various branches at that time.

Spirit of the Holy Ghost felt

2 The Saints partook of the sacrament, and several men were ordained to offices in the priesthood. The Spirit of the Holy Ghost was felt by many attending the meeting, and their hearts were filled with love and joy.

More were baptized

3 Several nonmembers attended the conference. They were impressed with the truthfulness of the gospel message and were soon baptized in nearby Seneca Lake.

Mob destroyed dam for baptisms

4 A short time later Joseph Smith was in Colesville, New York, where several believers were anxious to be baptized. However, a dam built across a stream to get water deep enough to perform the baptisms was destroyed by an angry mob before the Sabbath day baptismal service.

More baptized

5 Early Monday morning the dam was rebuilt, and Oliver Cowdery baptized thirteen people. Before the baptisms were completed, a mob of about fifty men tried to disrupt the service and injure the Saints. The Lord, however, protected the Church members from danger.

Joseph arrested

6 That same evening, before the baptized members could be confirmed, Joseph was arrested. He was falsely charged as being a disorderly person.

Joseph released

7 While Joseph was in custody, he was insulted, spit upon, and denied proper food. But the court could find no wrong with the Prophet’s behavior, and he was released to his grateful friends.