Sunday Is a Special Day

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“Sunday Is a Special Day,” Friend, Jan. 1985, 24

Sunday Is a Special Day

Instructions: Carefully open staples and remove pages 24 and 25, then close staples. Glue large circle to heavy paper and cut out. (Save calendar and use separately.) Turn to page 45, cut out circle, glue to heavy paper, trim, and then cut out window. Punch hole in center of both circles and fasten smaller circle on top of large circle with brass fastener. If a happy face appears in the window as you turn the small circle, you will know the activity pictured above it is an appropriate thing to do on Sunday. But if a frown appears, you will know it is not an appropriate thing to do on Sunday. You can read what the Lord said about the Sabbath day in Exodus 20:8–11 [Ex. 20:8–11].You might also look in the Topical Guide of your scriptures for other scripture references about the Sabbath day.

Illustrated by Dick Brown