Sharing Time: Gratitude for Our Teachers

    “Sharing Time: Gratitude for Our Teachers,” Friend, Nov. 1984, 40

    Sharing Time:

    Gratitude for Our Teachers

    And I give unto you a commandment that you shall teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom (D&C 88:77)

    I am blessed because I know

    There are people who help me grow—

    The bishop and my family

    And my teachers, who are good to me.

    It is a wonderful blessing to have teachers who care about you. Teachers often pray that their students will understand what they, the teachers, are saying. They teach because they want to help you to be happy as you learn to live the gospel. Writing a thank-you letter is one way that you can show your gratitude for your teachers.


    1. Decide whom you will write to (Primary teacher or leader, home teacher, bishop, etc.).

    2. Cut out letter from this page. Write person’s name in first blank. Choose and cut out appropriate words for blanks and also cut out picture that looks the most like that person. Glue words where blanks are and picture after person’s name. (Note: You can copy letter and draw picture if you prefer.) Sign your name where the last blank is, and near your name draw a picture of yourself or cut out and glue picture that looks the most like you.

    3. Mount the letter on colored paper. Fold in thirds, seal with tape or sticker, then deliver letter.

    November ________, 1984

    Dear ____________,

    I have many ____________, and you are one of them. I am ____________ for ____________. I will ____________ to ____________ the things you have ____________ me. I especially ____________ the way you ___________________________________________________________________.




    tell stories


    make singing fun


    remember my name


    make everyone happy


    share your testimony


    help me when I need it


    let me help you

    Sharing Time Ideas

    1. Make copies of letter for each child. Older children could assist younger children. Sing songs while children draw or cut and glue.

    2. For teacher-appreciation presentation you could:

      1. Make large letter. Preassign children to read aloud each sentence and attach missing word or picture. Ask one child from each class to say what he likes about his teacher and other Primary leaders. (A successful method is to interview children and write what they say. Their responses become their talks, and they can review them during the week.)

      2. Add songs and poems to presentation such as: “Thanksgiving Song” (Friend, November 1979, page 48, verse 2), “I’m Thankful to Be Me” (Friend, November 1981, page 11), “I Think the World is Glorious” (Sing with Me, B-70, verse 2), “Where Love Is” (More Songs for Children, page 50).