“Prayer,” Friend, Nov. 1984, 33


    Use the scripture reference to complete each statement about prayer by combining the words in the first column with the appropriate words in the second column.

    1. (Ps. 46:1) We can pray about

    a. pray always.

    2. (D&C 59:7) We express thanks

    b. those things we ask for that are right.

    3. (D&C 19:28) We can pray silently

    c. fasting.

    4. (Moro. 7:48) We pray unto

    d. or aloud.

    5. (Col. 3:17) We end our prayers

    e. Heavenly Father.

    6. (D&C 88:126) We need to

    f. anything in our life that we need help with.

    7. (D&C 88:76) We are commanded to continue in prayer and

    g. for all our blessings.

    8. (3 Ne. 18:20) Heavenly Father will give us

    h. in the name of Jesus Christ.

    9. (1 Ne. 7:21) We can pray

    i. for forgiveness.