A Happy Home

    “A Happy Home,” Friend, Oct. 1984, 37

    A Happy Home

    When an automobile engine has a spark plug that won’t work, the car doesn’t run very well. And when someone in a family doesn’t do his part, the family doesn’t function very well either.

    Martin Luther’s daring declarations, which he fastened to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg, promoted a freedom in men’s thinking that sparked the Reformation and dramatically changed the course of religious history. You, too, can start a reformation, or a change in your behavior and thinking, by doing the things on this list and by adding to it specific things that you plan to do to make your home a happier place in which to live.

    1. I will try more often to think of the needs of other members of my family.

    2. I will take care of my responsibilities without being reminded.

    3. I will be honest in my thinking and in my behavior.

    4. I will do an act of kindness each day without seeking a reward or recognition.

    5. I will recognize that each member of my family is important and appreciate him for his individual talents.

    6. I will pray more thoughtfully and not take my blessings of being together as a family for granted.

    7. I will smile often and tell my family that I love and appreciate them.