Sharing Time: Gratitude for God’s Creations

    “Sharing Time: Gratitude for God’s Creations,” Friend, July 1984, 37

    Sharing Time:

    Gratitude for God’s Creations

    Let thy heart be full of thanks unto God (Alma 37:37).

    Pioneer Wagons

    Pioneer wagons are rolling along.

    Hands roll around each other

    “Push on!” is their song. “Push on!

    Palms of hands push away from body

    *There are rivers to cross

    Right arm swoops down low

    And mountains to climb.

    And continues up high

    We’ll never get there if we waste any time.

    Pointer finger wags

    Push on! Push on! Push on!”

    Palms of hands push away from you (three times)

    Plan actions to go with new words. Make up additional verses and actions.

    If you had been a pioneer child crossing the plains, there are many things you might have done:

    1. You might have climbed mountains and crossed rivers. You would have been glad to have water because of the dust and heat.

    2. You might have seen a herd of buffalo thundering across your path. The buffalo would have provided meat for meals and hides for coverings. And your fire would have burned brightly with buffalo chips.

    3. If you had watched patiently, you might have seen small animals hiding among the bushes. Or perhaps you would even have picked wild berries. How grateful you would have been for something good to eat.

    4. Sometimes from your wagon seat your view would have looked like a beautiful painting with tall trees silhouetted against a flaming sunset. Heavenly Father created a beautiful world for each of us to enjoy.


    1. Color and cut out covered wagon and picture wheel, then mount on heavy paper. Remember to cut out “window” of covered wagon along broken lines.

    2. Place picture wheel behind covered wagon, matching •s, then attach with brass fastener through center of •s.

    3. Read description of each scene as you turn wheel. Think of other things that the pioneers would have seen, and tell why they would have been grateful for them.

    4. Do finger-play actions while reading poem.

    Pioneer wagons
    Pioneer wagons

    Illustrated by Jeanne Hansen

    Sharing Time Ideas

    1. Prepare copies of both pages for children to color and cut out. Have children hum songs about pioneers while working.

    2. Teach poem, “Pioneer Wagons,” and finger play.

    3. Prepare blank picture wheels for children, and have them make four drawings on their own wheels of things that they might see while riding in a car or while looking out different windows of their homes. Have them hum songs of gratitude as they work.

    • The following words may be used in a second verse:

      There are fires to build

      For buffalo stew,

      And maybe a buffalo robe just for you.