What Happens in the Book of Mormon
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“What Happens in the Book of Mormon,” Friend, Jan. 1984, 28

What Happens in the Book of Mormon

Adapted from Book of Mormon Stories for Beginning Readers (PBIC0325)

1. The record contained in the Book of Mormon begins 600 years before Christ was born. It starts with the story of Lehi and his family, who were told by God to leave Jerusalem. (1 Ne. 2:2.)

2. Taking with them the family of Ishmael, they traveled in the wilderness to the sea. There they built a ship and sailed to America. (1 Ne. 17:4–5, 8; 1 Ne. 18:23.)

3. In America those who chose to obey the Lord’s commandments followed Lehi’s son Nephi. They were called Nephites. (2 Ne. 5:6–9; Jacob 1:14.)

4. The others followed Lehi’s son Laman and were called Lamanites. (2 Ne. 5:20–21; Jacob 1:13–14.)

5. When the people were righteous, God blessed them, and they lived in peace. When they were wicked, they were not blessed. Many wars resulted from their wickedness. (Omni 1:1–7.)

6. After He was resurrected, Jesus Christ visited the descendants of Lehi in America. He explained the principles of the gospel and taught the people about His church. (3 Ne. 11–18.)

7. Jesus chose twelve righteous disciples to lead the Church. He showed them what they should do and ordained them. Then He went away. (3 Ne. 11:18–22; 3 Ne. 18:36–39.)

8. The people lived in peace for many years. They did all the things that Jesus Christ had taught them to do. (4 Ne. 1:1–23.)

9. In time the people became wicked, and they began to fight each other. Many of them were killed. (4 Ne. 1:24–49; Morm. 1:8–11.)

10. Mormon was a Nephite leader. He had the plates the prophets had written on, and he recorded what happened to his people. He gave some of the plates to his son Moroni. (Morm. 6:6.)

11. Moroni was the last Nephite prophet to write on the plates that were to become the Book of Mormon. Just before his death he hid the plates in the Hill Cumorah. (Morm. 8:1–4.)