Sharing the Gospel
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“Sharing the Gospel,” Friend, Jan. 1984, 26

Sharing the Gospel

Missionaries have always been important to the growth of the Church. Match each description on the right with the appropriate name/s of the valiant men on the left.

1. Samuel Smith

a. Converted thousands of people in England

2. Paul

b. Special missionary and friend to the Indians and twelfth President of the Church

3. Wilford Woodruff

c. Apostle who taught gospel to many soon after Christ’s death

4. Alma and Alma the Younger

d. Early missionary of the restored Church

5. LeGrand Richards

e. Great missionaries to the Lamanites

6. Joseph F. Smith

f. Well-known missionary and apostle who wrote A Marvelous Work and a Wonder

7. Spencer W. Kimball

g. Father and son who taught the Nephites

8. Sons of Mosiah

h. Served as missionary in Hawaii at age fifteen and later became President of the Church


  • (1) d, (2) c, (3) a, (4) g, (5) f, (6) h, (7) b, (8) e.