Caught in the Middle
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“Caught in the Middle,” Friend, Jan. 1984, 26

Caught in the Middle

Change the capitalized words into different words by adding a letter at each end.

For example: __PIN__ can be changed into a backbone by adding an S and an E—SPINE.

  1. Change __TON__ into a rock.

  2. Change __RAN__ into a long-legged bird.

  3. Change __ONE__ into a sticky sweetener.

  4. Change __LOCK__ into cube-shaped toys.

  5. Change __TEA__ into a cut of meat.

  6. Change __ROW__ into a color.

  7. Change __PAD__ into a tool for digging.

  8. Change __COW__ into a frown.

  9. Change __ATE__ into melted ice.

  10. Change __OWE__ into a grass cutter.


  • (1) stone, (2) crane, (3) honey, (4) blocks, (5) steak, (6) brown, (7) spade, (8) scowl, (9) water, (10) mower.