Family Night Discovery
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“Family Night Discovery,” Friend, Jan. 1984, 24

Family Night Discovery

Play this game during family home evening or with your friends. You will need twenty-five beans, pebbles, or buttons for each player to use as markers. Make a copy of the game board for each player. Have each person write in each box the name of the player who most closely fits the description in that box, using every player’s name at least once.

  1. Print the name of each player on separate pieces of paper, fold the papers, and put them in a paper sack.

  2. Have one person draw a name from the sack and read it. Players then place a marker in any game box containing that name. If a name appears more than once on your board, place a marker in the box of your choice. Once a marker is down, it may not be moved to another box.

  3. Put the name back in the sack after each draw.

  4. Continue to draw names from the sack until someone has five markers in a row. For a longer game, play until someone has every game board square covered.

  5. Switch boards with the other players and play again.

You may want to take time to read the names you choose for each description.

Find someone who is …

Find someone who makes …

Find someone who …

Find someone who can …

Find someone who likes …

Kind to others

A good teammate

Tells jokes


To talk on the telephone



Works hard

Keep a secret


A good listener

You happy

Asks questions


To read

Willing to share

Presents for others

Answers questions

Play a musical instrument



You smile

Rarely gets upset

Ride a bicycle

Ice cream

Illustrated by Doug Roy