Mother’s Day Gifts

    “Mother’s Day Gifts,” Friend, May 1982, 39, inside back cover

    Mother’s Day Gifts

    Cut and Fold Card

    You will need: glue, scissors, piece of 5″ x 8″ patterned wrapping paper, two colors of 9″ x 12″ and 5″ x 8″ construction paper that match wrapping paper.

    Fold two smaller pieces of paper in half lengthwise. Wrapping paper should have design facing in. Slip wrapping paper inside construction paper, matching corners. Draw a light pencil line 3/4″ in from long open edge. Cut ten to eleven slits 1/2″ apart and at a deep slant from fold to pencil line.

    Carefully flatten papers with wrapping paper on top. Starting at top, fold strip 1 up no farther than edge of paper (see illustration). Skip strip 2 and fold strip 3, tucking point under down-facing point. Fold every other strip, always tucking in point. An extra strip may be folded halfway.

    Next, fold 9″ x 12″ paper in half to make 6″ x 9″ card. Glue folded design on outside or inside of card. A dot of glue on each corner will hold design on card and two more will keep top point in place.

    Vegetable Plaques

    You will need: regular rice, unpopped popcorn, split peas, poppy seeds, food coloring, paper towel, wax paper, scissors, ruler, cardboard, paper or fabric, and glue.

    To dye rice and popcorn, mix one tablespoon of water and 1/4 teaspoon of food coloring in small bowl. Add one tablespoon of rice or popcorn and stir until it is the desired color. Remover rice or popcorn and place on paper towel to drain. Then place on sheet of wax paper unitl dry (about one hour).

    Cut 4″ square of corrugated cardboard for each plaque. Cover with paper or fabric and glue in place.

    Draw desired pattern onto plaques. Spread glue on small area of pattern. Place rice, corn, etc. on glue. Repeat until plaque is finished.