Court Sports

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“Court Sports,” Friend, Aug.–Sept. 1981, 38

Court Sports

Many sports are played on a court. Can you tell which sport is which by matching each sport to its descriptive clue?

1. Racquetball

a. A birdie or shuttlecock is used instead of a ball

2. Tennis

b. A ball is caught in a basketlike container and thrown against the wall

3. Handball

c. A heavy disk is pushed along the floor or pavement with a long forked cue

4. Volleyball

d. Fast-moving game in which a ball is hit against a front wall with a short-handled racquet

5. Basketball

e. Played on inside walled court with long-handled racquet

6. Squash

f. Love is the same as a zero score

7. Badminton

g. A ball is hit over a net by players’ hands

8. Shuffleboard

h. Popular game in which players attempt to toss a ball through a hoop

9. Jai alai

i. Players hit a small rubber ball with their hands in a walled court